How can Digital Signage Address COVID-19?

As many countries begin to loosen COVID-19 social distancing restrictions and businesses begin to reopen, business leaders are left wondering how they can keep both their customers and employees safe and prevent new outbreaks. While the virus will ebb and flow, basic sanitation and certain forms of social distancing will certainly be key for any public gathering.

The COVID-19 outbreak has unleashed a demand for safety products to allow people to protect themselves from the highly contagious disease, and self-service has a big role to play in making these products available.

As businesses slowly reopen, they are requiring employees and customers to wear safety masks and wash their hands repeatedly, in addition to following social distancing rules. Many also require visitors to have their temperatures taken before entering the premises.

There is no question self-service equipment will play a big role in what many now refer to as the “new normal.”

What can be done to combat these problems?

Aaztec solution is currently developing a range of Self Service digtal signage, which will be launched later this year, as a way for businesses to reduce face-to-face contact between customers and staff whilst also allowing customers to continue placing orders.

Currently in response to the alarming Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, Beten company has launched Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Display ,and Hand Sanitizer Displays to help people make safe and stay healthy.

One way retailers, restaurants and other stores can help ensure a safe shopping experience is by utilizing new COVID-19 digital signage tools that can ensure a good post-quarantine experience.