Digital Advertising/OOH

Digital Advertising/OOH

Digital signage advertising Basically using a connected network of screens to communicate and promote space advertising content. Leveraging the Impact of Digital Signage Advertising Through a targeted Merchandising. Aaztec makes it easy to interact with customers in-store to the extend of being able to optimize and control your message in function of you customers profile. AAZTEC software creates dynamic and attractive outdoor digital signage that will capture the attention of any passerby. Outdoor digital signs are popping up everywhere; don’t miss your chance to be an early adopter.

With AAZTEC Digital Signage, all information for your outdoor digital billboards or digital signs is managed in one location and can be quickly and easily updated.

On just one digital sign you can have dozens of messages or advertisements rotating instead of just one on a traditional outdoor sign. Plus, you’ll be able to change your messages based on the time of day and traffic patterns. Digital signage in-store advertising using high tech LCD/LED display delivering dynamic images that can capture consumers’ attention in-store. The Aaztec software solution also allows businesses to update ads in real time via customer’s content management and distribution systems.

The location can be customized with specific advertising based on national, regional or even store specific advertising campaigns. The Aaztec Advertising Digital Signage Network is made up of hardware and software solutions that drive the digital signage network and displays your ads (text, image & video based) on large screen high definition displays located anywhere.

Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience consistently at every location and make real-time adjustments to stay ahead of your competition.


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