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Easy installation and operation with Smart user interface!

Aaztec digital signage solutions offer the best Digital Signage Software that are stitched to match the hardware requirements. With ease of installation and smart graphical user interface, Aaztec Digital Signage Software is ideal to give customers head start in business.

How is our Digital Signage software different to other?

AAZTEC offers a powerful digital signage software suite with a full set of built-in features that allow customers to communicate their messages in an effective and eye-catching way. With features like media playback capability, sophisticated data integration, digital way finding and interactivity, the software offers its users a flexible solution designed to improve the different communication objectives of companies in a diversity of market segments.

AAZTEC digital signage is used internationally each day to carry signage in a varied range of sectors and applications. Our platform allows you to deliver rich media to practically any device from any browser with an internet link. It’s not just concerning the screens on the wall: from shelf-edge displays to video walls to the screensavers on computer you’re reading this on, AAZTEC unlocks reasonably priced messaging solutions across industries and applications.

The established Aaztec system includes 2 major components namely Signage Server Suite & Signage Player that allow users to manage their entire digital signage network from one central place. This provides users the liberty and flexibility to execute a comprehensive digital signage network throughout their whole organization. With extra software offerings on hand, like a web-based content management tool, Aaztec can present you and your company an all-inclusive solution custom-tailored to your company’s communication goals.


Content Manager is that potent application that helps in building and deploying the system. With a drag and drop interface, built-in layout editor & multiple deployment methods, Content Manager is a sensitive system that allows you to control the content that you currently want running on the digital signage. Advanced integration capabilities make it easy to attach to your data sources and dynamically output on your digital displays. Built-in interactivity allows you to generate interactive pieces that drive the flow of your sign. The unmatched mapping and way finding features produce stunning maps with tailored directions from numerous viewpoints.

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface

  • Full preview capability

  • Resolution support for Full HD and beyond

  • QR code integration

  • Interactivity Support

  • Scalable: single or multi-tier setup

  • Advance tickers and scrollers.

  • Modular Data Interface

  • Web-based

  • Social Media Integration

  • Dual Scheduling options

  • Layering.

  • Weather & Stock Updates

  • Remote network management.


Aaztec Content Player software can be installed on the machines that power your digital signs. Once your signs are installed, Content Player displays your complete content and administers the overall experience for a dependable, high-performance system. While in process, issues and statistics are logged and reported back to Content Manager. Maintenance tasks such as purging unused content, scheduling reboots, and powering displays can be controlled remotely

Media Player A-011

  • Designed for reliability and performance.

  • Logging and statistics are reported back to Content Manager

  • Touch screen & video wall compatible.y

  • Support Full HD and beyond.

  • Software watchdog module to ensure flawless function

  • Support 24×7 operations

  • Elegant transitions between

  • Internal Caching mechanism

  • Multiple content channels make it easy to change sign scenarios.