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Digital signage for your campus

Whether you’re a University , college, school or technical institute ; Aaztec Digital Signage for Education engage students, faculty, staff and visitors on regular basis. Showing real-time , relevant visual messaging is the key to promoting a safe, informative campus environment.

The advantage of having Aaztec digital signage for education is to display schedules and information for shared classrooms ; Reinforce college policies and encourage good conduct; Deliver emergency alerts and public safety information. By using AAZTEC Digital signage solutions, educational institutes can easily and instantly convey all the important announcements and messages to students, to the guardians of the students as well as to the faculty members.

Just look at the advantages schools can derive by using Aaztec digital signage solutions…
  • Replace Old bulletin boards & Paper Signs (that grab space, not attention) with Education Sector Digital signage systems

  • Distribute periodical notices (alerts, holidays, test dates, inter-house competitions etc.) easily

  • Announce schedule for upcoming events in detail

  • Post visitor information (building directory, campus map, check-in procedures etc.)

  • Highlight student & staff contributions and feature other information about your institution Education Sector Digital signage