Face Recognition

Face Recognition

The new aaztec face recognition camera is a great solution for small businesses to provide temperature measurement for persons as they are entering your business, as well as mask detection. This camera can be used as a standalone device, providing measurement and reminder for persons entering, or it can alternately be used in combination with door locks or other access control devices to even prevent access to persons with body temperature higher than a predetermined limit (CDC recommendation is 100.4°F). These cameras can be used with Weiand style access control cards in place of existing card readers, and are even capable of using facial recognition for persons to enable access. This camera is fast, and provides temperature detection down to 0.2 seconds and can detect temperature on persons between 1-6 feet away from the camera, helping to prevent contamination. These body temp sensing cameras are sure to help smaller businesses provide an additional later of scanning and safety for their clients and employees by taking the temperature of each person as they are entering the facility, as well as keep persons without a mask or with a fever from being able to access your building.


What can be done to combat these problems?

With this camera in place for your small business, restaurant, day spa, salon, office, doctor's office, dentist, small warehouse or any other business, you will be able to identify persons body temperature without having to touch them, then isolate them for further examination. This camera is great for smaller businesses because it fits into tight budgets and can be used with access control devices in order to simply prevent access to any persons that do not have normal body temp and/or are wearing a mask. This camera speeds up screening processes with body temperature readings accurate to ±0.5°C and has an audible and visual alert to let people know if their temperature is too high, and can remind them about their mask.

Pair this camera with virtually any access-control system to really automate the process for your business. Access can be allowed/prohibited for persons with high temperature, with or without a mask, persons with a keycard for access as well as in an optional facial recognition database.

This camera works with our AVM NVR software to integrate this body temperature sensing camera with the rest of your security cameras, this allows you to get great facial video of persons entering your facility and a record of their body temperature. Find out more about our AVM sotware. This thermal body-temperature sensing camera is great to help pre-screen in order to assist in identifying persons with a fever without contacting them directly This camera is not a medical device and is not designed or intended to provide diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease or condition. This solution is a screening tool that businesses and households can use to identify individuals with elevated skin temperatures compared to a customizable reference temperature (blackbody) while individuals are entering the facility.

Features :-

  • HD Resolution Video quality (600 x 1024 Resolution)
  • 1/2.8" 2.0 MegaPixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • H.265 Video Compression = smaller file size
  • 120dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • Built-in Wall mount bracket
  • Can prevent access to persons with fever (high body temp)
  • Can prevent access to persons without a face mask
  • Can grant access based on facial recognition database
  • Can grant access based on IC cards
  • Detection of faces down to 0.2s per face
  • Glass front with isolated lenses for better vision
  • Built-in VCA with on-screen display of body temperature (fever)
  • °C and °F display options
  • Temperature Measurement Range 86°F ~ 113°F
  • Can see faces of people from 2'10" - 7'10"
  • 30 fps video for smooth clear picture
  • Optional floorstanding bracket available)
  • ONVIF 2.0 Compliant - Works with most NVR Software


With the global pandemic of coronavirus still on the rise, in order for our economy to look past it and for people to begin to feel safe at work again, businesses and governments are taking measures to help prevent contamination of their businesses and work environments. Most states have informed businesses that they should be taking the temperatures of every employee and customer as they are entering the facility. Having an employee manually taking temperatures is a costly and difficult proposition for small businesses. This camera is an ideal solution as a standalone wall or floor mounted (with optional floor bracket) camera that allows the rapid prescreening of individuals as they are attempting to enter the business. When used in conjunction with a complete access control system, this camera can deny access to individuals with a fever (high body temperature) as well as remind people to put on their face masks or even prevent entry without a mask. Also built-in to this innovative camera, is facial recognition technology that can optionally be employed to permit access only to individuals in the database, or permit access based on IC access control card (must be used with access control devices and/or locks to prevent/deny access).

Spas and Salons

Spas and Salons are one type of business that clearly will have many people coming through the doors, as post-lockdown in every country many of us need our haircuts and other services. These businesses will clearly get a great benefit by being able to scan the body temperature of each person as they are entering the building. In the case of these businesses, it is impossible to keep social distancing while delivering many of their needed services. This is why it is one of our most popular cameras for day spas, medical spas and salons that are trying to open back up after the end of stay-at-home orders and other quarnantine efforts in their locales. In some cases, spas are using these cameras to prevent access to the building (in conjunction with electric door locks in vestibule areas), in others it is used as a standalone device with the floor bracket to take temperatures and alert the person and receptionist if people are entering with a high body temperature. It is really nice to have the mask detection and reminder built-in to this camera as well, because it reduces the need to have employees reminding customers that they need to put on their mask.

Manufacturing Facilities, and Small Warehouses

Manufacturing Facilities, and Small Warehouses are the backbone of our economy and many supply chains. While we also have cameras designed for the free-flowing entry and body temperature scanning for people when large numbers are entering at a time - our PT-BF5421 Thermal Body Temp Camera and Blackbody, for smaller facilities and warehouses these cameras might not be as practical. This is where our PT-AS7213X model access control camera really comes in to play. This camera works for smaller entryways and less traffic areas than the larger cameras. These cameras also serve as a great reminder for these facilities.

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores are one business where these cameras are a great choice. They can be mounted near the entryway and even optionally wired into the automatic doors to prevent access to persons that are not wearing masks as they should be, or have high body temp (fever). This automates the process that is already in play in these essential businesses, to help ensure that all personnel and clients have been scanned for body temperature and are wearing their masks as they enter the facility.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities have been riddled with infection, and the residents of these facilities are the most susceptible to complications from viruses. This is why during the coronavirus pandemic, many of these facilities cut off all ties with the outside world. Unfortunately, still workers in many instances have become infected and brought the virus into the facility ultimately infecting many of the residents. Because an elevated body temperature is one of the earliest symptoms of many viruses, many of these facilities have implemented protocols to examine body temperatures of individuals as they enter the facility. These cameras are popular to connect in the vestibule or entry area of these facilities in order to help prevent access by persons that have elevated body temp (fever) and/or are not wearing masks to help protect residents and staff.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses of all different types are also in their planning stages to try to reopen as economies around the world are opening back up. These thermal cameras are an ideal component of every small business plan, providing quick and non-contact temperature readings combined with the access control features employed by many businesses already. This means that they can quickly be retrofitted to add in mask detection and temperature detection along with card access systems. For those in areas that permit it, the facial recognition features can also be enabled to permit facial detection for access control as well.

Car Dealers

Car Dealers have great numbers of people cycling through to examine and even test drive the different vehicles. With the new coronavirus and possible future viral threats, operations must change to keep all their employees and customers safe. One great way to accomplish this in a way that has minimal visual and time impact on clients and staff, can be the use of methods of screening individuals for elevated body temperatures. Our thermal cameras can be permanently mounted in entry ways so that they can provide alerts or even bar access to individuals without proper PPE or with elevated body temperatures. Use this camera with our AVM software to alert key personnel in the facility so that they can address the situation or take other precautions.