LCD Video Wall Display

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Video wall is a series of video displays giving viewers a large, independent visual experience. Video walls are experiencing a greater and wider use in various industries, largely due to technological advancements in the past few years. LCD displays can be stacked together to achieve virtually any screen size, setting a new standard for large format, high-impact display solutions.

Advancements in terms of resolution, brightness and light source, has enhanced the scope and effectiveness of video walls. Video Wall Displays has many application areas such as Command and Control room, Shopping Malls, Conference Rooms, Auditoriums, Airports etc.


Key Features

  • UHD: 4K & Beyond
  • Smart Platform: Screen Mirroring
  • Coating: Anti-Glare & Conformal
  • Integrated CMS: Centrally Controlled
  • Superior Picture Quality: High Visibility

Technical Parameters

*Due to continuous product development, the specifications may change without prior intimation.

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