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Keep everybody informed every step of the way!

Tracking the manufacturing process of a factory requires lot of manpower and various in-process checks to carry out effectively in any concern. However, all this can become far too easy with the help of Aaztec digital signage solutions alongside with their systems support. With the help of a digital signage system installed on the floor, factory owners can take control of manufacturing process initiatives by running critical assembly line and current production level alerts, alerts for ensuring safety on the floor, and inventory alerts to keep the shop floor staff well informed about the current production status.

Not just at the shop floor level, this digital signage system could be installed at virtually all areas of the production facility including the cafeteria, the packaging section and the dispatch section to exercise better control and communication inside the entire manufacturing facility. Let’s take a look at all the advantages a manufacturing facility can derive by incorporating Aaztec digital signage solutions at its place…

Ability to track every step in the manufacturing process

Emphasize vital safety procedures by highlighting them time and again

Highlight production schedules and display progress reports with ease

Share company updates, yearly growth figures

Make Bonus announcements to the staff

Spread news and messages instantly without burdening the supervisory staff

Incorporate production records and track output efficiency of factory staff