Media Players are the processing engines which playbacks all the digital Signage software. Aaztec’s media players are steady, rugged with low power consumption features. It has multiple OS support, high resolution display and fanless design. It supports multiple processors with different families’ architecture like intel, ARM, AMD, etc. Aaztec Solutions offer Android, Windows and Multi-Source Media Player.

  • Rugged and Robust
  • Frameless
  • Low Power Consumptiont
  • Multi-Output
  • Slim and Light Weight
  • Multi OS Support
  • 4k UHD and Beyond


Staggering Performance in processing High definition Media Content (1080P HDMI).

Intel Quad Core 1.9 GHZ Processor CPU improving the speed and Performance of Device.

Wireless LAN and Bluetooth Compatible Device.

Reliable Write and Data reliability parameter setting ensure existing data are not corrupted when a supper power loss event occurs. EMMC Storage.

Remote Configuration. Capable of Managing, Controlling and Setting Multiple Devices anywhere at any time, including remote firmware update.


Dual Video Output Compatible. Output 2 FHD Contents in Independent or in clone mode.

External RS-232 Port.

HDMI 2.0 Certified. Uncompromised, super smooth UHD video playback output quality. Supports 3840 x 2160 @60fps.

RTPS – Playback continuous and reliable real-time streams. HTTP – Playback steams from a comprehensive web-based media platform.

BLE Beacon Compatible.

Schedule On/Off feature. Saving Energy and Saving Cost.

Hardware watchdog Timer (Independent IC). Prevents any possible system or software error.


*Due to continuous product development, the specifications may change without prior intimation.

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